We just joined the club!

Autoptimize just joined the “1+ million active installs”-club. Crazy!

I’m very happy, thanks everyone for using, thanks for the support-questions & all the great feedback therein and especially thanks to the people who actively contributed and especially-especially to Emilio López (Turl) for creating Autoptimize and handing it over to me back in 2013 and to Tomaš Trkulja who cleaned up al lot of the messy code I added to it and introducing me to PHP codesniffer & Travis CI tests.

6 thoughts on “We just joined the club!

  1. Carlos

    Super fantastic tool! Thank you! Please continue to do the awesome work you’ve been doing!

  2. Lauren Perfors

    Congrats on the big 1 million! Loving the plugin, has not only improved scores (which clients love) but also ACTUALLY improved load time (I love!) and subsequently user experience.


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