Autoptimize closing in on W3 Total Cache

Fun fact; As per “popular plugins” ranking , Autoptimize is slowly but surely closing in on what used to be the go-to solution for Web Performance Optimization W3 Total Cache based on the “active installs” metric. Who would have thought? What a crazy ride …

9 thoughts on “Autoptimize closing in on W3 Total Cache”

  1. Keep going Frank! Your plugin is the best. Tried them all. Even Sitegrounds own optimizer didn’t work nearly as well for my site despite them being such a huge company. Not to mention you personally answer every support question so well. Amazing. Thanks so much.

  2. Personally I use W3 Total Cache, to sync with Cloudflare and Stackpath.
    Then I used Fast Velocity Minify, but recently swapped over to Autoptimize. (They’re both amazing if set up correctly.)
    Just got 100/100 on GT Metrix for my new site with a 72 image blog post on shared hosting. 🙂
    Thank you, Frank.

  3. Sorry Frank, just noticed this.
    Well I keep an eye on my HTML file and try to keep it under 50 to 60kb. Also top marks on every benchmark. Recently found a Google Easter Egg for getting a perfect Lighthouse audit. 4 x 100 and full marks on the PWA test.
    My new site’s homepage only has 3 requests and is 26kb so inlining for me isn’t the same as for someone with a page builder, etc.
    I’ve recently started using your Lazy Loading – it’s the only one that I find actually works – and helps the longer posts with PageSpeed Insighs scoring.
    All the best for a fast 2020. :}


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