Music from Our Tube: King Krule – Alone, Omen 3

Wow …

The ache and thunder in the storms of your mind
Soak it in, for the rain will pass in time
Nothing wrong in sinking low
in the omen of paradise
You’re the ghost they put aside,
But don’t forget you’re not alone
Sometimes you’re stretched

King Krule - Alone, Omen 3

1 thought on “Music from Our Tube: King Krule – Alone, Omen 3”

  1. It seems like the ooz was him wandering the void and in man alive hes finally found his way to earth. Im loving how grounded the new music sounds and i couldn’t have come at a better time.
    Apparently Its a big reference to one of his influence, serge Gainsbourg :
    Gainsbourg always hated his ears (and general appearance) and thought they were huge, he use to call himself that way


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