Autoptimize 2.7; final stretch, testers needed!

Autoptimize 2.7 is in the final stages and the beta version can as of now be downloaded from

Main new features:

So who want to test? Feedback in the comments please! :-)

9 thoughts on “Autoptimize 2.7; final stretch, testers needed!

  1. Andrey

    Hello Frank! Thanks for all your efforts you do for us – developers who make websites faster. But I still wonder what is you way to go if you face with huge CSS file (~1M) which comes from some unmodular theme/page builder.

    1. frank Post author

      It will remain 1MB; AO does not remove unused rules, but when doing “inline & defer” (ideally with the automated critical CSS solution), the full CSS is loaded later, in a non-render-blocking manner, so the impact is less important :)

  2. Mark Aaron

    By default, you should definitely exclude Woo Cart and Checkout.

    Ours was a affected a few days due to this.
    Not a great thing for just some minorly styled pages with such huge importance.

    Just letting you know. thanks

      1. Mark Aaron


        Part 2: Please add the woocommerce payment endpoints under user/my account (in particular “payment methods”), it was also affecting the square payment form.

        1 Uncaught ReferenceError: WC_Square_Payment_Form_Handler is not defined.

        low and behold, AO had snatched up this javascript. I’ll manually exclude until you have defaults on 2.7.

        –thanks for the amazing plugin, easily in the top 3 wp plugins ever) :)

  3. Mark Aaron

    Just got it now. Thank you. The link at the top of this post linked me to WP 2.6 version.

    “Autoptimize 2.7 is in the final stages and the beta version can as of now be downloaded from

    everything is smooth regardless, hope to see the bonus level improvements. Unfortunately one designer on our site used elementor and that is a ridiculous pig that I’m trying to get rid of.

    1. frank Post author

      It’s labelled 2.6.99 Mark so indeed officially it’s still 2.6, but in reality the code is that of 2.7 already :)


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