Another Autoptimize 2.9 sneak preview: defer inline (and all) JS

JavaScript often has to be excluded from being aggregated due to inline JS depending on it. That’s why Autoptimize 2.9 will also have to option to defer inline JS, allowing all JS to be deferred, even that pesky jQuery. As seen in below screenshot exclusions obviously will be honored for both inline and linked JS so you will be able to tweak everything just right.

The settings for JavaScript optimization also have been reshuffled, making “also aggregate inline JS”, “force JS in head” and “try/catch wrapping” sub-options of “Aggregate JS” (so hidden on the screenshot as “aggregate JS” is off), whereas “Defer inline JS” is a sub-option of “Don’t aggregate but defer”.
So we have per post/ page AO settings and we now have “also defer inline JS” for what will become 2.9. And there’s more to come …

1 thought on “Another Autoptimize 2.9 sneak preview: defer inline (and all) JS”

  1. Hi Frank,
    Thank you for all of your hard work with making your Autoptimize plugin better and better. Our team sifted through numerous optimisation plugins that required quite an intense level of configuration and would often break our site, even with ages of testing and re-configuring. We have had no website break issues with Autoptimize, though we have spent some time configuring it well. Once configured, it just works nicely. The performance benefits are great and definitely noticeable.
    Looking forward to the next release. Might squeeze out some more performance improvements. Again, thank you for your amazing efforts. One of the best WordPress optimisation plugins. Keep up the fantastic work.


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