Autoptimize 2.9 final beta, testers wanted!

I just upped Autoptimize 2.9 beta to version 4, which is likely to be the last version before the official 2.9 release (eta end June/ early July).
Main new features;

You can download the beta from Github (do disable 2.8.x before activating 2.9-beta-4) and you can log any issues/ bugs over at
Looking forward to your feedback!

2 thoughts on “Autoptimize 2.9 final beta, testers wanted!”

  1. Thank you Frank for your hard work on Autoptimize, it is extremely versatile for improving the WPO of our sites. Defer and inline all JS seems very promising, also the per page/post settings.
    Regarding the latter, I miss the posibility to add custom critical CSS per page/post. I get the critical CSS with the critical module, following advice. I already do it manually with filters, that is why I think adding it directly in the settings per page/post would be a huge improvement (at least for my workflow!). What do you think about this?

    • I’m afraid that from a UI point of view the post/ page options are less suited to add big chunks of data (which critical CSS essentially is), for now at least I’m just displaying (a max of) 5 checkboxes. Also typically page/ post options are stored in the post_meta table, where the bigger amount of data from critical CSS would be an important overhead (vs. the array that holds a max. of 5 booleans). But who knows, maybe later .. 🙂


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