AOPro 2.3: delay all JavaScript

As of Autoptimize Pro 2.3 there is an option to delay all JavaScript. Delaying can have a bigger positive performance impact then asyncing or deferring because AOPro will only load the delayed JS after a to be defined delay or (better even) only at the moment user interaction (such as swiping/ scrolling or mouse movement) is noticed.

Obviously when delaying all JS you might want to be able to exclude and that is possible as well; you might want add data-cfasync there for example as contrary to Autoptimize’s normal behavior for deferring, delaying ignores attributes like data-cfasync, meaning that if you want to leave such JS untouched you will have to add it to the exclusion list yourself.

Lastly; if your site’s above the content depends on JavaScript to render correctly (which has serious performance impacts), delaying all JS would result in the page not rendered entirely, so test and exclude as required.