Gilles Peterson & Thom Yorke draaien rare plaatjes

Twee mannen van middelbare leeftijd draaiden een paar weken geleden twee uur lang om beurten allerhande rare plaatjes, kletsten wat en dronken ondertussen gezellig een theetje. De microfoons van BBC Radio 1 mochten meeluisteren naar en U kunt dat ook, door onderstaande mp3 (feed-followers moeten wel even doorklikken) door de kantoorboxen te laten schalmen. Over […]

Music from Our Tube; Cossi Anatz (seventies French Afro-Occitan Jazz)

As heard on an older Gilles Peterson WorldWide-show I listened to on the train this morning. Cossi Anatz – Aden ArabieWatch this video on YouTube. About Cossi Anatz: Comment ├ža va ? Cossi Annatz in french occitan means “How are you doing ?” I’m doing well when I listen to this beautiful free/spiritual jazz album […]

Music from Our Tube: Moses Boyd doing the Rye Lane Shuffle

In May last year I saw/ heard this Four Tet DJ Set during which a crazy jazz tune on white-label vinyl heated things up (with the needle jumping due to dancing people bumping into the decks). That crazy tune was by Moses Boyd, a young British drummer and his band, which now seems to have […]

Music from Bruxelles ma belle Tube: Casssandra

Now that I found Gilles Peterson’s WorldWide as a podcast on Radio Nova I’m once again enjoying the nuggets Gilles disperses to his worldwide audience. A couple of weeks ago he played “Sifflant Soufflant” by Casssandre (yes, 3 s’es, must be a Belgian thing), a Belgian jazz singer. While looking for that specific track on […]