WP YouTube Lyte: 20K active installs and a new release

It took a lot of time for WP YouTube Lyte to get there, but we finally got to 20 000 active installs, and to celebrate that occasion I release a long overdue update (1.7.6), with the following improvements; extra parameters for shortcode (start, showinfo, stepsize and hqthumb). also turn youtube-nocookie.com iframes into LYTE’s as proposed … Read more

WP YouTube Lyte 1.6.0: the one with the other API

I just released WP YouTube Lyte 1.6, featuring the following changes: allow WP YouTube Lyte to use YouTube API v3, which requires authentication (while keeping API v2 with anonymous access in place) updated player UI by Draikin, great job! support for non-default plugins dirs Added Slovenian translation by [Mitja Mihelič or arnes.si](http://arnes.si) and updated Dutch … Read more

Wanted: testers for WP YouTube Lyte (the one with the new YT API)

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, YouTube is shutting down their old v2 API, forcing WP YouTube Lyte to swith to v3. The main change; users will have to get an API key from Google and provide that in the Lyte settings page. Initial development & testing has been done (this blog switched … Read more

WP YouTube Lyte and YouTube API v2 end of life

The YouTube API v2 is now officially to be shut down soon after April 20th. That’s bad news for WP YouTube Lyte, which uses this version of the API to perform unauthenticated read-only requests to fetch a.o. video title and thumbnail information (example here). The v3 API is supposed to simpler yet more powerful and … Read more