WP YouTube Lyte 1.4.0; support for accessibilityFeature

A new version of WP YouTube Lyte was released over the weekend. Benetech, a U.S. nonprofit that develops and uses technology to create positive social change, offered a patch that adds the accessibilityFeature property to videos that have captions. If you have microdata enabled, WP YouTube Lyte now will automatically check if captions are available […]

WP YouTube Lyte: what is in 1.1.0 for you

Nope, 1.0.0 wasn’t WP YouTube Lytes final destination, the train has left that station to arrive at version 1.1.0 yesterday. Main new features include: an updated LYTE-player UI: larger display of preview image (background-size:cover instead of contain) changed look of title placeholder updated controls image support for “Infinite Scroll” as proposed by “der Tuxman” and […]

WP YouTube Lyte

WP YouTube Lyte is a WordPress plugin that enables high-performance, responsive, search-engine optimized and accessible YouTube video, playlist & audio-only embeds. Version 1.6.0 was released on April 3th 2015 and features authenticated access to the YouTube API to ensure continuing integration with YouTube. Before reading all the text and examples below, you should check out […]

Website performance: impact of web fonts

Although it was possible to embed fonts in web pages even during the dark ages of the internet, 2010 was the year when the pieces of the web typography puzzle really fell into place, Designers, Marketeers and especially “brand identity guards” are ecstatic about this evolution. But there’s little to be found on the performance […]

5 tips to tackle the problem with iframes

Iframes have always been frowned upon by web-purists (confession: myself included). But things are never black and white and sometimes iframes can be the best solution for a problem (you could substitute “‘iframes” with “Flash” in the previous 2 sentences, but that’s another discussion). So here are 5 quick tips which might lessen some of […]

(Not) Obsessing over the iPhone

PPK of Quirksmode-fame it at it again, this time badmouthing iPhone-centric web development. A lot of people seem to take issue with his point of view, but aside from the (typically Dutch?) in-your-face bluntness, I do think he makes some very valid points. The web is about broad accessibility, about allowing as many people as […]