Mozilla rethinking extensions with Jetpack

Show me a ‘Mozilla Labs’ page on Facebook and I’ll click on that ‘Become a fan’-button immediately. ‘Labs‘ is where new and often exciting browser-functionality is being prototyped (think Prism, Weave, Ubiquity, About:tab, Personas), and where the everyone can get involved in the process. How great is that? Last week the omnipresent Aza Raskin introduced … Read more

While waiting for the new Firefox beta

While we”re waiting for the new Firefox 3.1 beta (which will probably be released on march 12th, after which 3.1 will become  3.5), the Mozilla Labs guys announced a prototype “about:tab” plugin. It builds on the ideas they put forward on the labs-blog last august and follows in the footsteps of what Opera and more … Read more

I’ve seen the browser-future, and it works!

Although browsers clearly have become better, faster and stronger (I doubt they’ve become “harder” as well), it sometimes seems as if no revolutions have taken place apart from the introduction of XMLHttpRequest by Microsoft back in 2000. But this morning I saw something that really blew my mind and the live mashup of that great … Read more

Enso freeware onder vleugels Mozilla?

Net (via gelezen op de blog van Floris Lambrechts; Enso, de moderne command line user interface van Humanized, is vanaf nu gratis. En beter nog; Humanized overweegt ook om Enso volledig open source te maken en drie van de vijf Humanized-developers gaan voor Mozilla werken. Ik installeerde Enso in augustus 2008 2007, nadat ik … Read more

Terug naar de command line!

Mijn echte fans weten het al, ik ben zelfverklaard lid van de Kerk van de Penguïn en aspirant Command Line Ridder. De command line (CLI) is misschien niet de meest vanzelfsprekende user interface, maar het is schier onmogelijk om de ongelofelijke kracht van taal (want daar gaat het op de command line over) om te … Read more