Workaround for Mobile Safari quirk in WP YouTube Lyte

Yesterday I released WP YouTube Lyte 1.1.5, which amongst other things has a workaround for the bug that required 2 clicks to play an Lyte-embedded Youtube on an iOS-device. The reason for the bug: WP YouTube Lyte replaces the “lyte player” with an autoplaying YouTube embed upon the first click, but Mobile Safari does not … Read more

Safari3 vreet geen wiki meer!

Groot nieuws: Safari3 is de smaak van mijn wiki eindelijk beu en vreet er geen tekst in de textarea’s meer! De webkit nightly build van 26-8-2007 (werkt enkel als je Safari3 voor Windows al geïnstalleerd hebt staan) heeft deze lelijkaard immers de wereld uit geholpen. Als ik de uitleg in de webkit-bugtracker goed begrijp, werd … Read more

Safari3 for Windows still sucks, but getting better at it

Omdat ik in het diepst van mijn gedachten een Steve Jobs-fanboy ben en omdat ik zo graag met browsers speel, heb ik na mijn rant van vorige week vlijtig verder geëxperimenteerd met Safari3 voor Windows en speurde ik het wilde wereld web verder af naar informatie over mijn kleine probleempjes. En ik mag misschien nog … Read more

Quick KeyCDN’s Cache Enabler test

Cache Enabler – WordPress Cache is a new page caching kid on the WordPress plugin block by the Switzerland-based KeyCDN. It’s based in part on Cachify (which has a strong user-base in Germany) but seems less complex/ flexible. What makes it unique though, is it that it allows one to serve pages with WEBP images … Read more

User Agent Madness

Just found this one in my http logfile; Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/40.0.2214.111 Safari/537.36 OPR/27.0.1689.69 So one User Agent string mentioning 4 browsers (Mozilla, Safari, Chrome and finally Opera 27, which is the actual browser) and 3 rendering engines (Applewebkit, KHTML and Gecko)? There is a lot of web-history in … Read more

Multi-lingual WordPress the Easy Way

Imagine you run WordPress with English as default language, but some posts are in another language. Dutch, maybe? Up until a couple of months ago, you wouldn’t really notice anything about that setup. Google might be slightly confused, but us bloggers aren’t really into SEO anyhow, no? But with the release Safari 5.1, Firefox 16 … Read more

Do background-images lazy-load with display:none?

So, do background-images lazy-load with display:none? I did a quick test by loading this testpage created by Steve Souders on These are the results: IE9 loads the background image: IE10 still loads the background image Even Chrome loads the background image: Safari (on Windows) can’t help but downloading the background image: … Read more

CSP: doing unsafe-inline the Firefox-way

A couple of weeks ago I sobbed because of the lack of support for “unsafe-inline” in Firefox. There’s some Mozillians working on that (for CSS, at least), but given the release-train, that’ll probably only appear around Firefox 19. While perusing CSP-related tickets in Bugzilla however, I came across an interesting comment: Firefox expects “options inline-script … Read more