How to add posts’ featured images to WordPress RSS feeds

The standard WordPress RSS-feeds don’t include posts featured image. Below code adds the medium-format thumbnail to each item in a RSS2 standards-compliant manner by inserting it as an enclosure. A more advanced & flexible approach would be to add support for the media RSS namespace, but the above suffices for the purpose I have in […]

As found on the web (September 5th)

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As found on the web (February 29th)

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As found on the web (December 14th)

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Firefox 5 and hiding the navigation bar

I got prompted to update my Firefox 4 to Firefox 5 beta last week. New features include better standards support, speed improvements, better integration with Linux desktops, in-browser software channel selection and support for CSS animations. The final version of FF5 is expected to ship on June 21th. Firefox 5 will probably not include one […]

As found on the web (February 16th)

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