My iFrame usability-gaffe (dommigheid met iFrames)

A couple of days ago I created a small survey to see what people consider sexism (a hot topic currently in the local press and online). For that purpose I embedded a Google Docs Form in an iFrame in a HTML-page on my own site. While following up on the results as they got posted, … Read more

Jakob Nielsen on mobile web usability

Using websites on a mobile phones is “a cringeworthy experience” according to recent user tests performed by Jakob Nielsens company. His advice: Although devices will get better, the big advances must come from websites. Sites (including intranets) must develop specialized designs that optimize the mobile user experience. Today, few sites have mobile versions, and those … Read more

Nog over web usability

Gewoon een paar links naar interessante usability-related dingen die ik de laatste dagen feed-gewijs las: een eindejaarsgeschenkje van de Nielsen-Norman Group: het rapport met 75 best accessibility practices is tijdelijk gratis te downloaden (via diezelfde Jakob Nielsen over de usability valkuilen van “web 2.0” (gevonden bij en tenslotte van bij een knappe … Read more

Apple to start charging you for Apple Music unless …

Apparently you have to go through a less-then-obvious procedure if you don’t want Apple to automatically start charging you for access to Apple Music; Back in June, Apple Music was born. […] It was free for the first three months […] Whether you’re loving the service or not, there’s good chance you may have forgotten … Read more

Next Autoptimize eliminates render-blocking CSS in above-the-fold content

Although current versions of Autoptimize can already tackle Google PageSpeed Insights’ “Eliminate render-blocking CSS in above-the-fold content” tip, the next release will allow you to do so in an even better way. As from version 1.9 you’ll be able to combine the best of both “inline CSS” and “defer CSS” worlds. “Defer” effectively becomes “Inline … Read more

Korte Zomerjurkjes-Seksimse-Enquête: de punten van de jury

Weet ge nog, die heisa over “Femme de la Rue” en over de Humo bikinibabes? De actualiteit is een grillige minnaar (of minnares, indien ge dat verkiest), maar dat houdt deze kleine blogger niet tegen om de resultaten van zijn Korte Zomerjurkjes-Seksisme-Enquête alsnog te publiceren. Pas op, ge moet dit allemaal niet té serieus pakken, … Read more

As found on the web (September 5th)

frank published Quick hack: making Journalist slightly more responsive. frank published My iFrame usability-gaffe (dommigheid met iFrames). frank posted Fastest-Growing. frank liked John Coltrane – Naima – 1965. frank posted Apple, Google In Secret Talks To End The Patent Wars [REPORT]. frank posted Aurora 17 it out, bringing better security and support for new standards. … Read more

7 days with my Ice Cream Samsung

Last week I flashed my Samsung Galaxy S II with the official Android 4 firmware from Samsung. Here’s some information and semi-random thoughts about the upgrade and my Ice Cream Sandwich on Samsung-experience so far. About the upgrade: I didn’t use KIES, the official Samsung upgrade utility as it claimed there was no upgrade. Instead … Read more

Ranting & Raving at Drupal Summit 2011

I attended Drupal Summit in Genk a couple of days ago and amidst the general “Drupal is the best thing since sliced bread” atmosphere, there were some interesting discussions about the platform’s maturity. Especially the presentations of Peter Van Den Broeck (for VRT) and Wouter Mertens (for competitor VMMA) seemed to be on opposite sides, … Read more