vage foto, onverzorgd zegt mevrouw futtta, maar dat is niet erg, toch?My name is Frank Goossens, also “known” as futtta. I’m currently employed by a large multinational IT services company working from Brussels. I have been professionally involved in that internet-thing for over 20 years now, directly or indirectly  working for a number of large Belgian companies (e.g. Spector, KBC, Telenet and Mobistar/ Orange) on web-related projects in a somewhat technical role. Since 2010 I’m also active in the Web Performance Optimization and WordPress plugin development. You can find my LinkedIn profile here and my CV (in Dutch) here.
Some random webtech-related keywords I’m interested in (for work and/or play); usability, performance, security, javascript, php, browsers, web standards, html5, mobile webapps, accessibility, wordpress, linux, android
This blog is bi-lingual, with web-technology related posts mostly written in English and personal stuff (about politics, music, family, …) in Dutch. I don’t twaddle on Twitter but I do share web performance stuff at @optimatters) and although I don’t *like* Facebook I do hang around there quite often.
If you want to get in touch, there’s a contact-page for that.