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Autoptimize Power-Up sneak peek; Noptimize

In case you’re wondering if those Autoptimize Power-Ups are still coming and if so how they’ll look like and what they’ll do;

AO powerup sneak peak: noptimize

So some quick pointers;

  • Power-Ups will be installed as separate plugins and will obviously require some sort of registration, payment and license key activation (still to be developed, will either be EDD or Freemius-based)
  • Once installed, they will appear as tabs on Autoptimize’s settings page (no clutter in your menu’s!)
  • You can actually see 2 Power-Up-tabs in this screenshot;
    1. the active one is “Noptimize” and will allow you to configure which URL’s shouldn’t be optimized (either entirely or just CSS or JS).
    2. The inactive tab is for “SpeedUp” which … speeds up the creation of uncached autoptimized files immensely.
  • Other Power-Ups that are on the table are
    1. Critical CSS” to enable you to define “above the fold CSS” for different types of pages (posts, pages, homepage, archives, …)
    2. Whitelist” which lets you specify what JS or CSS to optimize (“known good”), making sure unknown code is never autoptimized
    3. HTTP/2” which will have logic to take the most advantage of what HTTP/2 has to offer, although (part of) this might go into AO proper.

Next steps for me; register my “secondary activity as independent” (as I still have an official day-time job), get in touch with an accountant, decide on EDD vs Freemius, set up shop on (probably including bbpress for support) and determine pricing (thinking a Euro/month actually for each PowerUp, what do you think?).

Exiting times ahead …

I Am A Cyclist, And I Am Here To Fuck You Up

I Am A Cyclist, And I Am Here To Fuck You Up

It is morning. You are slow-rolling off the exit ramp, nearing the end of the long-ass commute from your suburban enclave. You have seen the rise of the city grow larger and larger in your windshield as you crawled through sixteen miles of bumper-to-bumper traffic. You foolishly believed that, now that you are in the city, your hellish morning drive is coming to an end.

Just then! I emerge from nowhere to whirr past you at twenty-two fucking miles per hour, passing twelve carlengths to the stoplight that has kept you prisoner for three cycles of green-yellow-red. The second the light says go, I am GOING, flying, leaving your sensible, American, normal vehicle in my dust.

Vouwfiets-dilemma’s 2015

Na 5 jaar vouwfietsen, naar schatting 23.000 km en 3 nieuwe stuurscharnieren (!) heb ik mijn Dahon Vitesse D7HG dan toch vervangen. Ik heb getwijfeld of ik dan toch voor Brompton zou gaan, maar zelfs het basismodel kost bijna dubbel zoveel en rekening houdend met de opties die ik zou moeten bijbetalen, mijn fietskilometers, het terrein (Brussel is veeleisend voor fiets en berijder) en mijn … slijtige rijstijl, zie ik me die extra investering daar absoluut niet uithalen.

Oud (2010) en nieuw (2015) nog even samen

Een nieuwe Dahon Vitesse D7HG dus (en ja, opnieuw met die Shimano Nexus 7-speed internal hub, wie zou er nu om god nog met een derailleur willen rondrijden?), maar daar stopte het twijfelen niet; meer dan 20% goedkoper (!) online kopen, of voor de fietsenmaker om de hoek kiezen. Het is de fietsenmaker geworden; voor reparaties onder garantie (stuurscharnieren, bijvoorbeeld) moet je bij de online winkel de fiets opsturen en ben je hem al gauw enkele weken kwijt. En voor gewone reparaties ben ik daar de afgelopen 5 jaar (en daarvoor, met mijn andere fietsen) ondanks de drukte altijd snel, goed en goedkoop geholpen. Nee, die 20% investering in de beste service-na-verkoop (en in de lokale economie), die haal ik er dan wel weer uit.

Going Norway or the highway

So we went to Norway for our summer vacation this year. Beautiful country, lots of fjords and lots of waterfalls and lots of tunnels too (the longest one over 24km, the trip back over the mountains was all the more impressive).

Just one picture here (friends & family saw a lot more on FB), with me and my two lovely ladies at the Stegastein viewpoint: