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DDOS’ed by spider?

Just got some heavy traffic from a friggin’ spider with this useragent:

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; 008/0.83; Gecko/2008032620

As changing robots.txt did not help immediately, more drastic measures were needed, so I added this tidbit to .htaccess to stop the fuckers:

SetEnvIfNoCase ^User-Agent$ .*(80legs) HTTP_SAFE_BADBOT
Deny from env=HTTP_SAFE_BADBOT

And now back to me just relaxing and having a bath! ;-)

The bulleted WP YouTube Lyte bulletin

It’s been a while since my last “state of WP YouTube Lyte” post, so here are the most important tidbits since;

Feedback is welcome; see info in the FAQ for bug reports/ feature requests and feel free to rate and/or report on compatibility on

And as befits a post about WP YouTube Lyte on a Friday afternoon, here’s a little YouTube from Gold Panda you can start your weekend with;

Snow And Taxis

Watch this video on YouTube.

Op de trein, bijna thuis

Dinsdagavond, iets na 5. Ik zit op de trein, de oortjes galmen Radiohead en het schemert binnen en buiten. Nog even en ik ontsnap aan deze TL-verlichte trein die met de welgemeende excuses van de conducteur door de eerste najaars-donkerte gefrustreerd achter een piekuurtrein tjokt. Bijna thuis, gelukkig, maar nu nog even genieten van deze aangenaam onaangename vervreemding.

[720p] Radiohead – Prague 2009 [Full Concert]

Watch this video on YouTube.

More power to the reader with RSS and mail-subscriptions

As I’m a self-confessed believer in the power of RSS and as this blog is both about web technology (written in English) and more personal stuff (in Dutch), I’ve decided to offer separate RSS-feeds for these two categories. Moreover I’ve also enabled mail-subscriptions in Feedburner., so if you want you can receive my ramblings by mail.

That means that from now on you have these subscription-links to choose from:

I’ve thought about publishing to a Facebook-page and Twitter as well, but that just seems so … over the top, no?

Fire and Fox don’t make no Firefox

Apparently the Firefox-brand is  that strong that some want to be associated with it. But I’m not sure Mozilla (the not-for-profit or the corp) is fine with the blatant … “re-use” of their artwork.

The irony; Fox security offers fire- & theft-detection. But never mind, we’ve got Firefox 4 (beta7) to look forward to, haven’t we?

Fixed GPS-location in VillainRom

Did your HTC Hero get lost somewhere along the way, unable to fix GPS-location after upgrading to VillainRom, FroydVillan or another Hero ROM? The solution, which is mentioned in the hilarious release-notes for FroydVillain 1.5, is as simple as it is obscure; go to Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile networtks -> Access Point Names, click on the selected APN there, go to APN type (the last item in the list) and change the value to “default,supl”. I rebooted (with GPS on, didn’t want to jinx things) and voila, I’ll never get lost again.