About to see Wilco live …

Wilco is in town tonight, playing the “Lokerse Feesten” ; an open air 9 day festival here, a mere 5 minutes bicycle ride from home.

I’m not counting on it, but it would be great if I could see, hear and feel “Impossible Germany” live …

Update the day after; they did play Impossible Germany, as always impressed by Cline’s (improvised) solo.

Wilco - Impossible Germany (Live at de Lokerse Feesten, August 2023)


As found on Our Tube; Edward November – Cold Street Light

So I heard Edward November on the (online) radio a couple of times already and the first and only single “Cold Street Light” is magic.

He (aka Edmund Lauret) should either stop making music entirely or (a lot more difficult) he could try to do even better.

The latter will be very hard though, because “Cold Street Light” is a perfectly unhappy pop-song, beautifully moody, slightly quirky and somewhat unpredictable but with an immensely catchy (downbeat) chorus.

Edmund November - Cold Street Light

Eurovision 2023; my winner is … Blanca Paloma

About #Eurovision; Loved Croatia, Finland and I’m happy my fellow-Belgian #Gustaph did (very) well. But my favorite by far this year was Spains #BlancaPaloma

Flamenco-ish, intense, great voice, beautiful act, uncompromising electro-track that completely avoids the standard 4 to the floor beat that is way to present in Liverpool.

So much to like & discover, I’ve got it on repeat!

Blanca Paloma - Eaea (LIVE) | Spain 🇪🇸 | Grand Final | Eurovision 2023

Music from Our Radioheads: Thom Yorke solo in Zermatt

Long time no Radiohead here, so let’s fix that shall we? Here’s Thom Yorke solo in Zermatt (Switzerland) playing songs from Radiohead, his solo-records and his new band (The Smile). If anything this is a testament to the great songwriter the man is! Also remarkable; he seems so much more at ease on stage now, maybe having accepted the spotlights which sometimes seemed too much for him to cope with. But then again the period of the great hype has passed and the spotlights now are likely very different from the ones he had to cope with in the nineties? Anyway, what a concert, no? I hope Yorke will perform solo in these parts one of these years!

Thom Yorke at Zermatt Unplugged - Full Multicam - April 9, 2022

Eurosong beyond the kitsch

When watching Eurosong a couple of weeks ago -while having a tapas-like dinner for hours and having great fun- one song stood out for me but I did not really enjoy the arrangements. But then a couple of days ago I heard “Saudade, saudade” (by Maro) in a complete live version and I was almost crying. So Eurosong not only is good for an evening of kitsch, fun and food, now and again it also lets the world get to know a beautiful song;

MARO - saudade, saudade (Live in Avinyó)