Google Webmaster Tools Irony

A couple of days ago Google launched Site Performance as a labs project in Google Webmaster Tools. Being obsessed with speed is great and there indeed are valid remarks for this blog, but what to think of the advice below:
google site performance ironyThat’s right, I really should gzip-compress those javascript-resources! Google, please give me access to your servers so I can fix this immediately!

Trading eAccelerator for APC

Yesterday I somewhat reluctantly removed eAccelerator from my server (Debian Etch) and installed APC instead. Not because I wasn’t satisfied with performance of eAccelerator, but because the packaged version of it was not in the Debian repositories (Andrew McMillan provided the debs), and those debs weren’t upgraded at the same pace and thus broke my normal upgrade-routine. Moreover APC will apparently become a default part of PHP6 (making the Alternative PHP Cache the default opcode cache component). Installation was as easy as doing “pecl install apc” and adding apc to php.ini. Everything seems to be running as great as it did with eAccelerator (as most test seem to confirm).