Trading eAccelerator for APC

Yesterday I somewhat reluctantly removed eAccelerator from my server (Debian Etch) and installed APC instead. Not because I wasn’t satisfied with performance of eAccelerator, but because the packaged version of it was not in the Debian repositories (Andrew McMillan provided the debs), and those debs weren’t upgraded at the same pace and thus broke my … Read more

Firefox 3rc1 shines in Javascript benchmark

As the official release of Firefox 3 is getting closer, with Release Candidate 1 being available since May 17th, I decided to boldly go where codinghorror has gone before and do a quick-and-dirty Javascript-performance comparison of the different browsers I’ve got installed on my Dell Latitude D620 laptop, using Webkit’s Sunspider benchmark. Let’s start with … Read more

Are you doing Web2.0 the wrong way?

According to Jakob Nielsen, jumping on the web2.0-bandwagon often implies adding unneeded complexity instead of getting the basics right. I tend to agree; in our quest for sexier, more responsive web-sites and -applications, we seem to easily forget boring stuff such as accessibility and sometimes even usability. How much time did it take you to … Read more


Dat er precies iets (heel snel) beweegt in browserland: Apple heeft Safari 3 voor Windows (eindelijk) uit beta gehaald. Je kunt versie 3.1 van de Apple-site downloaden, er is nog heel wat gewijzigd ten opzichte van 3.0.4b. Opera timmert bescheiden verder aan hun innovatieve browser, versie 9.5b ziet er zeker niet slecht uit, changelog staat … Read more

Firefox 3 beta 1, nu gratis te downloaden!

Jaja, Firefox is altijd gratis, maar dit postje moet nu eenmaal een titel en die mag al eens een wenkbrauw doen fronsen, toch? Het is voor de rest immers niet echt groot nieuws, mensen die nog op browsers kicken zijn eergisteren al luid schreeuwend klaargekomen. Maar Firefox 3 is dus inderdaad in Beta. Ik citeer … Read more


My name is Frank Goossens, also “known” as futtta. I’m currently employed by a large multinational IT services company working from Brussels. I have been professionally involved in that internet-thing for over 20 years now, directly or indirectly  working for a number of large Belgian companies (e.g. Spector, KBC, Telenet and Mobistar/ Orange) on web-related … Read more