Flash isn’t evil, but …

Last week’s prediction about Flash becoming irrelevant was pretty controversial, and some of you Flashheads had interesting remarks and -rhetorical- questions both in the comments and on Twitter (a big shout-out to Clo Willaerts for sharing). So without further ado, here’s my follow-up. Flash isn’t evil Some people seemed all too happy to dismiss my […]

Are you doing Web2.0 the wrong way?

According to Jakob Nielsen, jumping on the web2.0-bandwagon often implies adding unneeded complexity instead of getting the basics right. I tend to agree; in our quest for sexier, more responsive web-sites and -applications, we seem to easily forget boring stuff such as accessibility and sometimes even usability. How much time did it take you to […]

Nog over web usability

Gewoon een paar links naar interessante usability-related dingen die ik de laatste dagen feed-gewijs las: een eindejaarsgeschenkje van de Nielsen-Norman Group: het rapport met 75 best accessibility practices is tijdelijk gratis te downloaden (via blog.anysurfer.be) diezelfde Jakob Nielsen over de usability valkuilen van “web 2.0” (gevonden bij blog.zog.org) en tenslotte van bij justaddwater.dk een knappe […]

i-merge wordt boondoggle en irriteert me nu al mateloos

Na enkele weken aanzwellend tromgeroffel op de eigen site en in blogland (dankzij de best leuke ‘kies uw pixel’ actie), werd vandaag het doek van the-agency-formerly-known-as-i-merge gehaald. Boondoggle heten ze nu (uitleg over die naam op de Some minor issues-blog) en ze hebben hun site ook al proper gerebrand. En daar loopt het wat mij […]


My name is Frank Goossens, also “known” as futtta. I’m currently employed by a large multinational IT services company working from Brussels. I have been professionally involved in that internet-thing for over 20 years now, directly or indirectly¬† working for a number of large Belgian companies (e.g. Spector, KBC, Telenet and Mobistar/ Orange) on web-related […]