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frank published Quick hack: making Journalist slightly more responsive. frank published My iFrame usability-gaffe (dommigheid met iFrames). frank posted Fastest-Growing. frank liked John Coltrane – Naima – 1965. frank posted Apple, Google In Secret Talks To End The Patent Wars [REPORT]. frank posted Aurora 17 it out, bringing better security and support for new standards. […]

7 days with my Ice Cream Samsung

Last week I flashed my Samsung Galaxy S II with the official Android 4 firmware from Samsung. Here’s some information and semi-random thoughts about the upgrade and my Ice Cream Sandwich on Samsung-experience so far. About the upgrade: I didn’t use KIES, the official Samsung upgrade utility as it claimed there was no upgrade. Instead […]

Ranting & Raving at Drupal Summit 2011

I attended Drupal Summit in Genk a couple of days ago and amidst the general “Drupal is the best thing since sliced bread” atmosphere, there were some interesting discussions about the platform’s maturity. Especially the presentations of Peter Van Den Broeck (for VRT) and Wouter Mertens (for competitor VMMA) seemed to be on opposite sides, […]

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frank published Out with Google Plus, in with Yammer. frank liked Florence + The Machine – What The Water Gave Me. frank posted Microsoft Ditches Flash on Metro Version of Internet Explorer 10. frank liked DJ CAM – Swim. frank posted Webbouwer maakt reclame voor zichzelf in description tag klant. frank published Mooie muziek (opgelet, […]

Website performance: impact of web fonts

Although it was possible to embed fonts in web pages even during the dark ages of the internet, 2010 was the year when the pieces of the web typography puzzle really fell into place, Designers, Marketeers and especially “brand identity guards” are ecstatic about this evolution. But there’s little to be found on the performance […]

5 tips to tackle the problem with iframes

Iframes have always been frowned upon by web-purists (confession: myself included). But things are never black and white and sometimes iframes can be the best solution for a problem (you could substitute “‘iframes” with “Flash” in the previous 2 sentences, but that’s another discussion). So here are 5 quick tips which might lessen some of […]

Browser choice, vacuming & security for father-in-laws

Being “the computer guy” in the family might be a pain in the ass sometimes, but trying to help out users that are not tech savvy can be very revealing. Yesterday my father-in-law asked me to take a look at his computer, there was something about the browser that was not right. Turned out he […]