The best WP YouTube Lyte to date!

Today WP YouTube Lyte 1.2.0 got finally pushed out the gates! This new version is beyond any doubt the best version to date, with the following new features: LYTE embeds are now fully responsive automatic inclusion of microdata (VideoObject) (also known as “rich snippets”) even better performance (less requests; was 5, now 3) updated […]

WP YouTube Lyte 1.2.0: beta testers needed

Yesterday I pushed a beta version of the long overdue 1.2.0 to the SVN trunk at This is the version at least some of you have been waiting for, as it includes the following new features: LYTE embeds are now fully responsive automatic inclusion of microdata less in JavaScript, more in CSS better performance: […]

Are you wishing WP YouTube Lyte a responsive new year?

I’m spending some of the last hours of 2012 as a preparation for one of my 2013 resolutions; a new version of WP YouTube Lyte that will be fully responsive. I just finished a “template” (i.e. plain static HTML + CSS, not integrated in the plugin yet) which I’m pretty happy with. It features: A […]

WP YouTube Lyte: waiting for the big leap forwards

I’m releasing yet another small upgrade for WP YouTube Lyte to fix a small issue with the fullscreen-button and to allow you to have LYTE-videos without YouTube-cookies being set. To embed “cookie law”-compliant LYTE-video’s, you have to add the “&showinfo=0” parameter to your httpv-url. This prevents the call to the Youtube API, which is used […]

100000 WP YouTube Lyte downloads and beyond

Feeling proud: WP YouTube Lyte got downloaded for the 100000th time today around 16h30; In the meantime I started work on version 1.2.0, the main new feature being support for responsive design. It will probably be released in the 2nd half of July, unless you want to beta-test that is. Anyway, thanks for all the […]

WP YouTube Lyte on Android: native or in-browser playback?

With the latest release of WP YouTube Lyte I fixed a problem where iOS users had to click twice to view a LYTE-embedded video; once to activate the iOS YouTube player and once to start the actual playing. On Android that problem does not exist, as LYTE embeds can be played inline in the browser. […]

Workaround for Mobile Safari quirk in WP YouTube Lyte

Yesterday I released WP YouTube Lyte 1.1.5, which amongst other things has a workaround for the bug that required 2 clicks to play an Lyte-embedded Youtube on an iOS-device. The reason for the bug: WP YouTube Lyte replaces the “lyte player” with an autoplaying YouTube embed upon the first click, but Mobile Safari does not […]