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Facebook mobile websites face-off

With all the attention going to native Facebook-applications for the iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian and now also Android, one would forget that there is a mobile Facebook-website as well. Better yet, there is not one but two mobile website; and The difference? The iPhone-version (or ‘high-end’, as it works on my Android-devices as well) … Read more

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WebTech news (august 2009)

I’ve started sending out a (maybe bi-)monthly “web technology news” mail at work, I’ll repost these here (excluding items/ remarks that are specific to my employee off course) hoping someone actually finds this useful. 1. The web wants to kill Internet Explorer 6, MS won’t msie6 (° 2001) is causing web developers headaches (it requires … Read more

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Firefox 3.5 and do Ogg/Theora

Google might be pushing back support for HTML5’s <audio> and <video>-tags in Chrome, but these certainly are one of the nicer features the upcoming version of Firefox will bring us. Version 3.5 (RC1 will probably be released the beginning of July) will indeed natively support ogg/vorbis, wav and ogg/theora. And this is important why? Well, … Read more

New: cross-document messaging

With new versions of our trusted browsers coming out, web developers who like living on the edge can start  using some of the new features that are becoming available. One such goody is cross-document messaging, which is part of the HTML5 draft spec. Cross-document messaging allows children of a window (think iframes, popups, …) to … Read more


My name is Frank Goossens, also “known” as futtta. I’m currently employed by a large multinational IT services company working from Brussels. I have been professionally involved in that internet-thing for over 20 years now, directly or indirectly  working for a number of large Belgian companies (e.g. Spector, KBC, Telenet and Mobistar/ Orange) on web-related … Read more