Autoptimize < 2.7.7 security vulnerabilities debrief

With Autoptimize 2.7.7 released on August the 23rd and having been pushed to all sites that were still on 2.7.0-2.7.6 by the WordPress plugins team on Aug. 30th and 31th, resulting in just under one million downloads in 8 days time, it is now the moment for a small debrief of the security issues that […]

Gelezen: Hotel Grand Europa

Onder de indruk van Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer‘s columns over Corona in Genua las ik tijdens onze vakantie zijn magistrale “Grand Hotel Europa” over liefde, een oud hotel in volle evolutie, het avontuurlijk (en gewelddadig) leven van Carravagio, het genie van Damien Hirsh en vooral over hoe Europa beetje bij beetje een pretpark voor toeristen wordt […]

Autoptimize: no more broken pages due to CSS/ JS not found!

When cached HTML links to deleted Autoptimized CSS/ JS the page is badly broken … no more with a new (experimental) option in AO27 to use fallback CSS/ JS which I just committed on the beta branch on GitHub. For this purpose Autoptimize hooks into template_redirect and will redirect to fallback Autoptimized CSS/ JS if […]

Async Javascript: urgent update available

There’s an update for Async Javascript that needs your urgent attention. Update asap! [Update] I was warned by WordFence about a vulnerability in Async JavaScript that was being actively exploited. Based on their input I updated the plugin to fix the bug. WordFence in the meantime published a post about this and other affected plugins […]

We just joined the club!

Autoptimize just joined the “1+ million active installs”-club. Crazy! I’m very happy, thanks everyone for using, thanks for the support-questions & all the great feedback therein and especially thanks to the people who actively contributed and especially-especially to Emilio López (Turl) for creating Autoptimize and handing it over to me back in 2013 and to […]