WP YouTube Lyte: waiting for the big leap forwards

I’m releasing yet another small upgrade for WP YouTube Lyte to fix a small issue with the fullscreen-button and to allow you to have LYTE-videos without YouTube-cookies being set.
To embed “cookie law”-compliant LYTE-video’s, you have to add the “&showinfo=0” parameter to your httpv-url. This prevents the call to the Youtube API, which is used to fetch the title of the video and stops YouTube-cookies from being set when the LYTE-player is loaded. There are, however,  two limitations to take into account:

But this release is, I’m afraid, still not the one that incorporates responsive and custom player sizes. I know some of you are waiting for that big leap forwards and it will come in the next major version (1.2.0), but I currently don’t have the time to work on this. If you do have the time and the skills, feel free to provide me with patches and I will happily accept your contribution! Because as Billy Bragg sang;

You can be active with the activists
Or sleep in with the sleepers

Billy Bragg - Waiting For The Great Leap Forward.


WP DoNotTrack: user opt-out for your Cookie Law pleasure

It was long overdue, but I finally came around to releasing version 0.8 of WP DoNotTrack. The main feature to warrant the bump in the version-number, is the addition of conditional filtering based on user opt-out.
There is no opt-out UI in the plugin, but it hooks in to “Civic Cookie Control“, a JavaScript-based widget with a nice and customizable UI, which allows your customers to consent to cookies or to opt-out of them. When on WordPress, you can easily enable and configure Civic Cookie Control by installing the Cookie Control WordPress plugin.
If you’d prefer to do without Cookie Control, you can add your solution for users to opt in or out and set a cookie “dont_track_me” with value “1”, which will trigger conditional filtering as well. A very, very basic implementation could be to add something along these lines in the head-section of your site (in header.php of your template):

var r=confirm("Click \"OK\" for the full experience or \"Cancel\" to disallow 3rd party sites to store cookies on your computer.");
if (r==true) {
} else {

The other features of 0.8 from the Changelog:

  • new: “forced” mode now default
  • bugfix: re-introduced the bugfix for whitelist mode that was rollbacked in 0.7.2 (and a bug in that bugfix was the reason for 0.8.1, actually)
  • bugfix: conflict with prototype which caused wysiwyg editing of Wysija newsletter templates to break