Music from Our Tube: Moses Boyd doing the Rye Lane Shuffle

In May last year I saw/ heard this Four Tet DJ Set during which a crazy jazz tune on white-label vinyl heated things up (with the needle jumping due to dancing people bumping into the decks). That crazy tune was by Moses Boyd, a young British drummer and his band, which now seems to have finally been released and was just “premiered” by Gilles Peterson;

Moses Boyd - Rye Lane Shuffle (Worldwide Premiere)

Jazz, my friends, is very much alive!

Music from Our Tube and the Fridge; Kinoshita

Call me late to the party, but I just “discovered” Fridge, which was (is?) a band that featured (features?) Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet), Adem Ilhan, and Sam Jeffers.

Fridge - Kinoshita

Kieran has since mostly focused on Four Tet, but based on this track I think the Fridge back-catalogue might be worth diving into.

Music from Our Tube; Seelenluft

seelenluft manila artworkFriday-evening, time to pretend you’re a young hipster! And this might help; a great (old, as in over 10 years old) track called “Manila” by Seelenluft in the Manitoba remix, as it was featured in Four Tet’s magnificent “Essential Mix” from way back in 2010;

Seenlenluft Manila Manitoba Remix web

The vocals are by the Michael Smith, who apparently was only 12 years old when recording “Manila”. There’s multiple remixes of it (and the official clip for the Ewan Pearson remix is pretty funny), but none are as wild as this one. Love those crazy horns, they remind me of (the more recent) Neneh Cherry & The Thing with their freaky cover of Springsteen’s “Dream Baby Dream” (which Four Tet remixed as well).

WP YouTube Lyte 1.2.0: beta testers needed

Yesterday I pushed a beta version of the long overdue 1.2.0 to the SVN trunk at This is the version at least some of you have been waiting for, as it includes the following new features:

  • LYTE embeds are now fully responsive
  • automatic inclusion of microdata
  • less in JavaScript, more in CSS
  • better performance: even less requests (from 5 to 3), with one CSS sprite containing the player UI.
  • updated to current YouTube look & feel, which results in something like this (Ultraïsta‘s Smalltalk in a Four Tet remix):
Ultraísta - Smalltalk (Four Tet remix)

But don’t go running off to your WordPress admin screens just yet, there’s no update notification to be seen there. This is very much still work in progress: the microdata-stuff isn’t complete yet, I’ll probably load the CSS differently, I’m still not sure what widget sizes will be supported, the translations have to be updated, there’s some PHP notices to take care of … And most importantly: as this isn’t just another small, incremental release, we need lots of testing.
So I’m looking for people who want to join in on the fun and test the in-development version on their blogs. To do so, download the zip-file from and (optionally) drop me a line so I know who I have to ping when I push an update out. I’m looking forward to receiving feedback from you guys & girls!

Four Tet vs Floating Points op de radio met …

Ooit was vrijdag de dag dat het weekend begon en dan waren er sex en drugs en rock&roll techno&house. Dat is gezien mijn ondertussen middelbare leeftijd echt wel verleden tijd, maar het is vrijdagmiddag en ik zit hier op m’n bureaustoel toch maar danig te swingen op de 2 uur durende radioshow die Four Tet en Floating Points afgelopen dinsdag samen presenteerden op Rinse FM.
Maar kom, we zullen eens wild doen, het is immers ook voor U vrijdag! Hieronder kunt ge op “play” klikken om gezellig mee te luisteren:
Een dienstmededeling voor mensen die iets met Thom Yorke hebben: ergens in die 2 uur worden door Dhr. Four Tet 2 nummertjes gedraaid die hij samen met Burial & Yorke (die blijkbaar nog wat tijd over had tussen de opnames voor King of Limbs door) maakte. Als ge geen geduld hebt; dit is “Ego” op YouTube:

Burial, Four Tet + Thom Yorke - Ego (New 2011 track)