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Music from Our Tube; Cossi Anatz (seventies French Afro-Occitan Jazz)

As heard on an older Gilles Peterson WorldWide-show I listened to on the train this morning.

Cossi Anatz - Aden Arabie
Watch this video on YouTube.

About Cossi Anatz:

Comment ça va ? Cossi Annatz in french occitan means “How are you doing ?” I’m doing well when I listen to this beautiful free/spiritual jazz album recorded and produced by Michel Marre in the South of France and released on Vendémiaire (Jef Gilson’s label) with a similar style to Francois Tusques Intercommunal. Jazz Afro-occitan is written on the cover and it’s clearly the case when you put the needle on wax you instantly feel the North African, Arabic & Mediterranean influences, that are quite obvious here, especially in the brass & percussions. Some brilliant tracks like the beautiful deep jazz Al Coltrane or the monster spiritual oriental jazz Aden Arabie with great Fender solo.

(Source: http://www.diggersdigest.com/shop/product/jazz-afro-occitan-1/)

Music from Our Tube: Moses Boyd doing the Rye Lane Shuffle

In May last year I saw/ heard this Four Tet DJ Set during which a crazy jazz tune on white-label vinyl heated things up (with the needle jumping due to dancing people bumping into the decks). That crazy tune was by Moses Boyd, a young British drummer and his band, which now seems to have finally been released and was just “premiered” by Gilles Peterson;

Moses Boyd - Rye Lane Shuffle (Worldwide Premiere)
Watch this video on YouTube.

Jazz, my friends, is very much alive!

Music from Bruxelles ma belle Tube: Casssandra

Now that I found Gilles Peterson’s WorldWide as a podcast on Radio Nova I’m once again enjoying the nuggets Gilles disperses to his worldwide audience. A couple of weeks ago he played “Sifflant Soufflant” by Casssandre (yes, 3 s’es, must be a Belgian thing), a Belgian jazz singer. While looking for that specific track on YouTube did not yield a result, I did find this live video which is part a series of performances recorded in beautiful places in Brussels;

Casssandre - Les Géants - Session Acoustique - "Bruxelles Ma Belle" - 1/1
Watch this video on YouTube.

So there you have it; 2 nuggets in one go. Enjoy your weekend!

Schotse electro oorwurm: Catharine van Rudi Zygadlo

Ik ben een ouwe lul, ik ben niet meer ècht mee en iedereen mag dat weten. Weet ik veel wat 2-step is. Of dubstep. Of post-dubstep. Maar nieuwe goeie muziek, dat lukt wel nog, soms. Zo hoorde ik in de aflevering van Gilles Peterson Worldwide die StuBru op 18 september uitzond, zo rond eerste half uur, vlak voor PJ Harvey, een ietwat bevreemdend nummer waarvan flarden bijzonder hard in m’n hoofd bleven hangen.

Het was wat zoeken naar de playlist, maar de Duisters van Radio X hadden die -in tegenstelling tot StuBru en Gilles Peterson zelf- wel online staan en m’n oorwurm bleek van ene Rudi Zygadlo te zijn. Die jonge Schot fabriceert dansbare electro in één of ander genre waarvan ik de naam al lang niet meer probeer te onthouden, maar die op z’n recente EP “Achtung!” met “Catharine” wel een héél sterke song neerzet. Grillig, dat ook, en met prachtige blazers-arrangementen (populair blijkbaar, zie ook “The Daily Mail” van Radiohead)!

Soit, “Catharine”, die klinkt zo:

Rudi Zygadlo - Catharine
Watch this video on YouTube.

Meer info over Rudi Zygadlo: