Gmail-man over Wave (en oh ja, nog paar invites te krijg)

In de reeks “laat het schrijven maar aan slimme mensen over”: Paul -Gmail- Buchheit bespreekt Google Wave.

From what I’ve seen, the realtime aspects of Wave are both the most intriguing, and the most problematic. I think the root of the issue is that conversations need to be mostly linear, or else they become incomprehensible. […] Wave puts the conversation into little Gmail-like boxes, but then makes them update in realtime. The result is that […] the chronological linkage and flow of the conversation is lost.

en nog:

I don’t know what Google has planned for Wave or Gmail, but if I were them I would continue improving Wave, and then once it’s ready for the whole world to use, integrate it into Gmail [to] give it a huge userbase, and partially address the “email is universal” problem. They could use MIME multi-part to send both a non-Wave, HTML version of the message, and the Wave version. Wave-enabled mail readers would display the live Wave, while older mailers would show the static version along with a link to the live Wave.

Lineariteit in Wave tegen de chaos en integratie in Gmail tegen de eenzaamheid. Ik hoop dat er daar in Mountain View nog iemand naar Paul (die Friendfeed opstartte en sinds de overname dus bij Facebook werkt) luistert.
Kwestie van die eenzaamheid, ik heb dit weekend nog een paar nominatie-slots gekregen. Vertel me in de comments op m’n blog waarom ge per se op Wave wilt en wie weet krijgt ge één van die 7 Wave invites van mij. En ja, als ge er een haiku van maakt of als ge mij op een andere manier kunt entertainen (tip: een Ukelele werkt altijd), dan maakt ge natuurlijk net iets meer kans …

My Mobile bookmarks

A quick list of the most frequently used sites on my mobile phone.

  1. gmail mobile: my “homepage”. attachments and images could be handled better, but still, a great mobile web-app.
  2. google reader mobile: too many blogs, too little time. reading up on my blogfeeds everywhere i can (and yes, that includes the loo)
  3. smartphone/pda version of bbc news; the beeb was one of the first to have a version for PDA’s and smartphone’s, still great stuff.
  4. deredactie mobile: I just love the mobile version of their awful “desktop-oriented” website. Guess they took a close look at the BBC’s mobile site, no? Anyway, it would be even greater if they added links to multimedia (i.e. not force-feed video as they do on their very-very-broadband-version) and if they optimized the color usage because the readability of the purple night-version is sub-optimal.
  5. facebook mobile: I never really liked Facebook, but I must admit I’ve found myself spending time on it on an almost daily basis. The mobile version is an important part of that usage pattern.

Less frequently used mobile sites include; Truvo’s yellow and white pages, Wapedia (as wikipedia doesn’t provide a mobile version, they should) and Linkedin mobile. And although the webkit-based nokia browser handles normal sites quite well, the only non-mobile-optimized site in my bookmarks is my blog’s dashboard.
And you, what sites do you visit on your IPhone, Blackberry or Nokia e71?