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Hey you, what’s that SoundCloud?

I had already created my SoundCloud-account two years ago, but I only started to use it earlier this week after searching the web for DJ-sets by Kevin Saunderson (whom I heard play a mesmerizing set on “Studio Ibiza” shortly before). I clicked around and also found Four Tet, Floating Points and Flying Lotus and well … I was hooked. To my disappointment SoundCloud does not offer RSS-feeds, but I found CloudFlipper to be a nice workaround and started adding feeds to my RSS-reader.

Great and all that, but it turned out to be pretty cumbersome to add individual SoundCloud pages to my RSS-reader that way. After logging into the web app and installing SoundCloud’s magnificent Android app I found it a lot more convenient to just follow all those great artists (mainly electro) and seeing their work stream by on the dashboard.

So there I am, in trapped in that great walled garden that is SoundCloud (although they integrate nicely with that other closed social ecosystem). Now back to listening to Laurent Garnier‘s amazingly eclectic “It is what it is” radioshow.

12 minuten dansen met Laurent Garnier

Laurent Garnier - Back to my RootsIk hoorde de nieuwe van Laurent Garnier enkele weken geleden al bij Gilles Peterson. Nu -het is immers vrijdag- bent U aan de beurt; hieronder in een mp3-speler een fikse portie “Back to my rootsen daarna “Panoramix” (het b-kantje). Op de website van het Duitse Innervisions-label kun je de EP of de 12 minuten durende mp3 (of WAV) overigens ook direct kopen.