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lyteShare.js high-performance social widget for your sharing pleasure

Based on last week’s performance analysis of popular sharing-services (AddThis, ShareThis and Lockerz/AddToAny) I decided to continue working on my high-performance & privacy-respecting but rather ad-hoc lyteShare alternative. The result is a 1.6Kb JavaScript file (or the non-minimized version here) that, upon being included in a HTML-file, looks for a div like this one:

<div class="lyteShare twitter googleplus facebook"></div>

and adds sharing-buttons for Twitter, Google+ and Facebook to that div (Linkedin, Yammer and Tumblr are also supported). You can see lyteShare.js in action on this test-page. The webpagetest.org test result is great when compared to that of the big boys;

ShareThis AddThis Lockerz/ AddToAny lyteShare.js
Document Complete 0.677s 0.487s 1.352s 0.364s
Start Render 0.715s 0.279s 0.304s 0.275s
Fully Loaded 1.507s 3.718s 1.407s 0.596s
Full Download size 70 KB 384 KB  111 KB 9 KB
WebPageTest URL sharethis result addthis result  lockerz/ addtoany result lyteshare result
3rd party tracking? yes  yes  yes no

Now the question is; does the world really need yet another social sharing widget solution, even if it is easy, fast & not a vehicle for 3rd party behavioral web tracking? Does the world (and this blog) even need social sharing widgets at all?