Code Rush: watching Mozilla’s history in the making

A couple of days ago I saw “Code Rush“, a non-fiction movie about life at Netscape while they were in the process of open sourcing their browser in 1998. It’s a great documentary about a defining moment in the history of the web, touching on subjects like code & quality (zarro boogs), the fight with Microsoft, the awkward marriage with AOL, the stock market, technology start-up culture and work versus life.

Netscape Mozilla Documentary 1998 - 2000 ProJect Code Rush - creative common licence

Open sourcing Communicator didn’t save Netscape as a company, but it did allow the Mozilla Organization to create a whole new browser suite based on XUL and NGlayout (later Gecko), which were 2 important building blocks for Phoenix, a standalone browser (instead of a suite) which we now know as Firefox.
Code Rush aired in 2000 on PBS in the States, but was released under a Creative Commons license in 2009. You can check out all footage (and search the transcripts) on

Enso freeware onder vleugels Mozilla?

enso schermNet (via gelezen op de blog van Floris Lambrechts; Enso, de moderne command line user interface van Humanized, is vanaf nu gratis. En beter nog; Humanized overweegt ook om Enso volledig open source te maken en drie van de vijf Humanized-developers gaan voor Mozilla werken.
Ik installeerde Enso in augustus 2008 2007, nadat ik er op de Mozilla Developer-blog over gelezen had. De maand trial overtuigde me volledig, maar ik kocht het product uiteindelijk toch niet (gierig, lui, vergeetachtig, … zeg het maar). De gratis versie staat ondertussen al terug op mijn laptop. Nu uitkijken naar wat Aza Raskin en vrienden aan moois gaan toevoegen aan Firefox (en andere Mozilla producten).