WP YouTube Lyte; support for playlists (almost) included

Work on the next version of WP YouTube Lyte is almost finished. The main new features you can expect in version 0.8.0 are:

  • support for playlists
  • support for HD video (if size of the embedded player is big enough)
  • updated UI elements & player sizes to match new, dark YouTube player style
  • removed support for legacy YouTube embed code

Embedding a playlist will be as simple as adding


The result will look like this documentary about Arcade Fire (4 video’s in one playlist):

Playlist: arcade fire documentary
Watch this playlist on YouTube

Now off to testing this blogpost with an embedded playlist in all browsers I can get my hands on. Your feedback (off course) is always welcome as well! If all goes as planned I’ll push 0.8.0 to the wordpress svn later this week.