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The state of WP YouTube Lyte (now with fresh Pomplamoose)

Although it has been a few months since I last wrote about my baby WordPress plugin, time did not stand still between version 0.3.0 and 0.5.2; the player size can now be changed in the options-screen, I’ve replaced my newTube html5-hack with Google’s official (yet experimental) new html5-compatible embed code and I started migrating the CSS from the mess that had become the JavaScript-file. And I almost forgot what may be the most important change; I started searching for blogs that use WP-YouTube-Lyte to see how it behaves in the wild. Some of the bugs I discovered that way;

But with all those changes you might start to wonder if WP-YouTube-Lyte still reduces download size & rendering time substantially, no? So I ran a couple of new tests for this page on my blog (it has 3 embedded YouTube’s) on webpagetest.org (settings: 5 runs on IE7 via Amsterdam, excluding requests to stats.wordpress.com). The difference is … well, judge for yourself (or see below the tables for the summary)

With normal Flash-based embeds (full results here):

Document CompleteFully Loaded
Load TimeFirst ByteStart RenderTimeRequestsBytes InTimeRequestsBytes In
First View1.850s0.634s1.330s1.850s15343 KB5.350s22524 KB
Repeat View1.142s0.346s0.497s1.142s517 KB2.455s517 KB

And with WP YouTube Lyte (full results here):

Document CompleteFully Loaded
Load TimeFirst ByteStart RenderTimeRequestsBytes InTimeRequestsBytes In
First View1.201s0.355s0.974s1.201s1055 KB2.065s20103 KB
Repeat View0.605s0.352s0.473s0.605s212 KB1.447s514 KB

Did you see that? Less requests, less data and faster rendering for first and repeat views. Hurray for WP-YouTube-Lyte! But enough with that ego-tripping already, I’ve got an Opera-bug to look into! Or wait, I’ll watch this great new Pomplamoose+Ben Folds+Nick Hornby  videosong first:

Ben Folds, Nick Hornby, & Pomplamoose VideoSong!!!!
Watch this video on YouTube.

Liefde voor vers geperste Pomplamoose

Daar zit ge, op een maandagochtend op het werk en tussen Powerpoint en presentatie zijt ge wat aan het kloten aan een blogpost waarin Queen een rolletje speelt en ge vraagt U af of iemand op YouTube Brian May op ukelele doet, want een ukelele is altijd leuk (vraag maar aan spekvriend). Zo komt ge dan op een leuke cover van “Best friend” door YouTube-wonder Julia Nunes, ge klikt wat rond langs haar naïef bevallige covers en ziet dat haar nieuw album geproducet is door Pomplamoose. Tiens, grappige naam, klik-klik-klik dus en ge luistert naar wat die Californische citrusvruchten te bieden hebben en -om een lang verhaal kort te maken- ge geraakt daar niet meer weg.


SEPTEMBER!!! by Earth Wind and Fire
Watch this video on YouTube.

Man man man, ik moet gewoon iets van Pomplamoose in m’n presentatie verwerken!