Avoid iframe-scrollbars with squeezeFrame.js

I know, this seems to have become an obsession of mine, but here I am again with a follow-up on my iframes-tips blogpost. You might remember I advised against disabling scrollbars on iframes, because;

Disabling them will render the iframe partially inaccessible for some of your users, because the size your iframe-content needs, depends on things outside your control such as operating system & versions (e.g. font & screen resolution), browser (e.g. css-implementation) and browser configuration (e.g. non-default font-size).

But what if you could resize (generally: zoom out) the iframe-content to perfectly fit the available width and height, thus avoiding vertical and especially horizontal scrollbars? Well, that is exactly what squeezeFrame.js tries to do (using css zoom and -moz-transform:scale in Firefox)! Just include the javascript-file in the iframe-content page and set a few options if you want to change the default behavior (which is: zoom in/out for width only, max. + or – 5%).
squeezeFrame.js was tested successfully in Firefox 3.6, IE6, Safari4 and Chrome4, but does not work in Opera 10.5. More info (including some “known issues”) can be found on the demo-page and in the javascript-code off course.
As always; reply in the comments or contact me if you find bugs or have problems.