WebTech news (september 2009)

1. Mobile browsers; not all is WebKit:
Although webkit-based browsers dominate the mobile web with Mobile Safari on the iPhone, the Android browser on e.g. the HTC Hero and in the future also the Blackberry browser, there are other browsers around as well:

2. According to a Forrester-study, in 2014 28% of handset-owners in Belgium will use mobile internet. Not bad, but according to that same study, the European average in 2014 would be 39% with Holland attaining 47%.
3. Misc:

WebTech news (august 2009)

I’ve started sending out a (maybe bi-)monthly “web technology news” mail at work, I’ll repost these here (excluding items/ remarks that are specific to my employee off course) hoping someone actually finds this useful.

1. The web wants to kill Internet Explorer 6, MS won’t

2. HTML5: the web is growing up (but not fast enough, see previous paragraph)

3. Misc