More goodness in plugin repo updates

Seems like the plugin pages, after recent improvements to the ratings-logic, now got an even more important update. They now use “active installations” as most important metric (as has been done on module pages for years), with total number of downloads having been relegated to the stats page.
That stats page got a face-lift as well, featuring a graph of the active versions:
autoptimize plugin page
In case you’re wondering what the source of that “active installations” data is, I was too and reached out to plugin-master Otto (Samuel Wood, who replied;

[The source data comes from] plugin update checks. Every WP install asks for update checks every 12 hours or so. We store a count of that info.

1 thought on “More goodness in plugin repo updates”

  1. Certainly like the better graphics. Easier comprehension. Denoting the active installations is such an obvious thing, wow, unreal they weren’t doing that before. Let’s face we are are a plug play and forget society. Feedback can be hard for many, as privacy is a big issue.

    Thanks for the plugin Frank, just rated on WP. This has been my first rating.


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