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Stopping WordPress media attachments comment spam

I just had my monthly look at the comments spam queue and was baffled by the amount of spam-comments on WordPress attachments. WordPress, surprisingly, has no option to disable comments on media, so based on information in this codex page about the comments_open function, I quickly assembled a plugin to stop comments on items in the media gallery altogether. The code (which can also be added in functions.php instead of going into a plugin):

Plugin Name: No Media Comments
Author: Frank Goossens (futtta)
Plugin URI:
Author URI:
Description: Stop comments on media attachments
Version: 0.1

add_filter( 'comments_open', 'noMediaComments', 10, 2 );

function noMediaComments( $open, $post_id ) {
$post = get_post( $post_id );
if ( 'attachment' == $post->post_type )
$open = false;
return $open;

After throwing that at my server and seeing it worked, I realized there had to be a plugin for this and I indeed found Disable Comments and Comment Control in the plugin repository. Both plugins are by the same author and are only slightly different in scope really. So if you want to stop the comment spam on attached images on your WordPress blog, you’ve got several options. But shouldn’t this be tackled in WordPress core instead, really?

100000 WP YouTube Lyte downloads and beyond

Feeling proud: WP YouTube Lyte got downloaded for the 100000th time today around 16h30;

In the meantime I started work on version 1.2.0, the main new feature being support for responsive design. It will probably be released in the 2nd half of July, unless you want to beta-test that is.

Anyway, thanks for all the downloads, here’s some Underworld (“Glam Bucket”) to chill out to on this lazy Sunday evening:

Underworld Glam Bucket

Watch this video on YouTube.

Feedreading on the move with Tiny Tiny RSS for Android

I’m a RSS-junk and I use Tiny Tiny RSS as my needle, so I was happy to find an official tt-rss client for Android a couple of weeks ago. Works like a charm, quirks included. Especially the “Offline” functionality is a great help to read up on what’s happening while on the train, where the data-connection can be … flaky.

Now if all you guys & girls can make sure your blogs push out full feeds instead of those frigging teasers?

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